56. A rigid construction

A rigid construction

The controllers of this reality are focussed on creating a purely rational and mechanical construction.
This cannot happen until all spontaneity and unpredictability is removed.
Governments never stop implementing new laws.
These laws never liberate.
They always add more restrictions to some facet of society.
They rob you of your freedom, law by sneaky law.
Corporations continually structure and restructure to reduce the chances of unexpected and hence uncontrollable circumstances.
Robot manufacturing has largely achieved this.
Religions will not tolerate any dissension or disagreement.
You either follow the rigidity of the system or you leave.
Sports clubs, social groups, even hobby and political interest groups all require that you adhere to the principles of the group.
Music and fashion demand that you believe in them or become an outcast.
There is no room for unique expressions of the heart.
The intuition is being denied a voice.
Humanity is growing cold and for most, life is becoming meaningless.
Be on guard and continually seek to break your own rigid patterns and let your heart be free.