54. Actors all around

Actors all around

I am surrounded by actors.
These actors, these other presences outside of myself have an interfering effect on my desires.
They also have desires and usually their desires override mine, leaving me in a situation that I tried to avoid.
To these actors I am another actor, spoiling their worlds with my interfering desires.
If I was the only actor on the stage, I would have my own way continuously.
Within myself there are also actors.
These are my fragmented ego with its unruly emotions, untidy thoughts and indisciplined desires.
All of these things fight against each other and interfere with my core, the true actor, absolute freedom.
To control your world, you have to be able to do something that nobody else has ever done.
That way you have no opposition to the system you are using.
But of course, you have to find that something.