49. Distractions


Everything in your world is a distraction.
Your work, your play, your holidays, your entertainment.
Your issues, your philosophies, your beliefs and even your memories.
Every single aspect of your life has been designed to keep you from looking within.
Long working hours and never enough money keep you distracted.
The desire for a new car, furnishings and electronic devices all serve to keep your mind busy and your heart silenced.
Your ego works against your best interests to keep you on a never-satisfied roundabout.
You are a robot that has too much to do and not enough money to do it all with.
You are a robot that is so busy watching the scenery that you have forgotten to keep your eyes on the road.
Now you are lost and don’t know where you are.
Unless you make the time for quiet consideration, you can never know happiness.
Unless you make space in your life for your intuition, your life will be a futile journey to nowhere.
You have the code, you have been given the keys, now take the time to use them.
Regularly consider absolute freedom because it is a shortcut to your own truth.
Think on absolute freedom and its far reaching implications.
Break some of your old and musty patterns and dare think outrageous possibilities.
What if you are a robot?
What if you have been lied to since birth?
What if you could have anything you wanted?
What if everything you thought you knew was wrong?
Instead of being an egotistical know-it-all, try for a while imagining that you really know nothing and have no skills and no ideas.
Your current path is the path of self-destruction and will end in tragedy.
You don’t have to follow it.
The answers all lie within your own heart.
You don’t have to seek them anywhere else.
Your heart is the only source of information that you can totally trust.
Every other source is distorted by the ego that issued it.
Turn away from some of your distractions and focus on a little quietness for a change.
Then watch a new world unfold, a truthful world.