47. A water robot

A water robot

You are a water robot.
You are not mechanical, you are chemical but you are still a robot.
You are a machine that was intelligently and intentionally designed.
It was designed to entrap your intuition, your true self.
You were born as a robot from a robot that was able to reproduce a version of itself from itself.
Within your robot is a billion programmed processes.
They are in your DNA and they keep you functioning.
Your robot mind is preprogrammed from your past, your parents and from big brother.
You have been designed to work within severe and confining limits.
You are a product of this reality.
If that was all you’re made of, you would act and live as a primitive, uncensored life form.
You would be only interested in self-preservation and have little empathy for other life forms.
You would be a raw, undisciplined wild thing.
There are many so-called civilised people who live like this today and they justify their actions by calling it business or politics.
This is a cowardly and ugly facade to their selfish selves.
However most behaviours are tempered by the existence of an internal morality, an empathetic understanding of others and a sense of responsibility for the world.
This tempering is not of this world but comes from your power source.
You are powered by a tiny but powerful battery.
This battery has been trapped into the service of the robot.
You know of it as your intuition.
It is constantly broadcasting positive and helpful information to help you get through life.
It is constantly trying to wake you up to your own truth.
It is constantly trying to help you escape your frustrations, disappointments and failures.
This battery is you, your true essence but you have totally forgotten.
It is constantly being over-ridden by the ego which is the selfish body.
Your ego is your emotional self, your self-pitying, poor-me aspect of your life.
It is very powerful because it is rarely disciplined.
Unless you remember to listen to your intuition, your battery, your true source of power, you will remain a slave to the madness of your primitive undisciplined mind and body.
Life is a battle between your emotional robotic programming and your battery.
Your battery is your only hope for happiness and freedom.
Your ego will always try to keep you captive within your own mind.
Every time your battery is given expression, your ego lessens.
I am a robot, a water robot.
I am powered by a battery.
The passcode for quick access to my battery is through the words ‘absolute freedom’.
This shortcut will help me remember my forgotten truth.