41. Dumb robots

Dumb robots

You are a robot, a water robot.
Your beliefs are all borrowed.
You rarely have any original thoughts.
When you do, you are usually too shy to express them out loud because you fear that other robots will mock you.

Your life is not your own.
You are manipulated by a few beings that control this whole world.
You have no say in the big picture.
You cannot stop pollution, slavery, prejudice, crime, poverty, illness or cruelty.
You can’t effect anything on the big scale because it does not belong to you.
At the most you have your own little life.
But you are constantly distracted from considering it by shiny trinkets and bland entertainments.
You are a programmed response unit which has been fooled into believing it is self-important.
You are not special, important or valuable.
You are just another nameless, dumb slave on the vicious roundabout of life.

You don’t have to be a robot.
You can choose to be yourself instead.
To do this you have to commit to listening to your intuition.
That’s all.
Start telling your intuition that you want absolute freedom and everything will change.
Isn’t it simple?
That’s why most people won’t believe it.