46. Freedom of the moment

Freedom of the moment

Absolute freedom is not having unlimited money in the bank.
Neither is it owning properties or travelling first class around the world.
They are things, things do not necessarily bring freedom.
They can, but for most they are further expressions of the ego.
For most people they are chains that bind them ever more tightly to this reality.
Absolute freedom is the freedom that comes from letting go and trusting your heart.
Your true heart is an eternal something that exists within an infinite reality.
It is your true intelligence and your unfiltered awareness.
It is your cosmic liberty and your eternal joy.
It is what you forgot you are.
That makes you a fool right at this moment.
You forgot and regardless of the many opportunities it has given you, you refuse to remember.
Your whole life has been spent in the search for freedom but in all of the wrong places.
Freedom comes from trusting in your own intuitive self, your own eternal something.
Freedom comes from letting go of all of the things that worry you and only holding to your belief in those two little words ‘absolute freedom’.
Your freedom lies in this very moment.
You can’t look for it in a weeks time or when you get rich or when you meet the right person.
It won’t suddenly be there when you solve all of your problems or regain your health.
You won’t find it simply by changing towns or getting a divorce.
You have it at any moment that you trust in your own intuition.
You don’t have to praise it or be grateful or pray to it.
It’s not some ugly godly thing that demands you fall down on your knees and sing angelic songs.
It’s you in every practical sense.
It’s ordinary you.
It has no frills, no spiritual auras or cosmic wisdom to hand down to you.
It’s simply you.
You can have it right now if you want.
Stop and immerse yourself in the words ‘absolute freedom’.
That’s all you have to do to break the reality that has taken away your freedom.
Leave the rest up to the strange cosmic thing that you forgot you are.