44. A 3 year old

A 3 year old

Imagine yourself as a 3 year old.
Your parent wants to help you in so many ways but you want to do things yourself.
You struggle with shoelaces while your parent looks on, willing to assist you as soon as you consent.
You want to feed yourself and even though you make a terrible mess, your parent just lets you go.
There are a thousand little tasks you battle with but your determination makes you refuse any help.
That’s fine and healthy for a 3 year old.
Of course that’s how they learn the basic skills required to live in this reality.
However, you are not a 3 year old.
You have no need to be possessive and vain about the things you want to achieve.
Yet just like a 3 year old, you have a greater intelligence looking after you, trying to assist.
And you continually reject this advice.
You constantly let your ego override the suggestions from your intuitive self.
You don’t have to do this, it’s just a bad habit you have.
You could easily give up your nonsensical egotistical ways and let your superior intelligence help.
You don’t because you are full of fear, self-doubt and sheer stupidity.
The child has reasons not to give up, you don’t.
You should be past the stage of needing to learn the basics of earthly survival once you have reached adulthood but this doesn’t happen.
Instead the immature ego has usually been given almost unlimited power by then.
As a result, you are continually on a path of bad luck, bad decisions and awful timing.
It’s all your own fault, you choose to listen to your idiot immature ego instead of your cosmically intelligent self.
Your intuition will always lead you towards absolute freedom.
Whereas your ego will always take you further from it.
Grow up and stop acting like a 3 year old and take notice of your own true heart, your own cosmic intelligence.