43. So damn busy

So damn busy

Is being busy an unnatural state?
Is the need for something to do just a human hunger?
Is the desire to be entertained simply a desire to be distracted from the frustrations of this world?
You are an eternal something and the essence of that something is absolute freedom.
You cannot have absolute freedom if your mind is full of desires and your heart is restless for entertainment.
In a state of ideal absolute freedom you have nothing, desire nothing and you are going nowhere.
Yet you are at the same time complete.
You are a dynamic cosmic intelligence actively dancing the unique expression of your eternal something-ness.
To understand this, you need to see and feel a different existence.
You need to shift from the point of view of a heavy, slow and dim-witted body to your hearts essence.
From the point of view of your intuition, this existence is not a watery trap.
It is not even a prison.
From the point of view of your intuition, there are no problems except your attachment to your ego.
You are already armed with the right tools for this experience.
You don’t have to do much to change your perspective.
Use the code words ‘absolute freedom’ repeatedly and you will automatically start to shift your perception.
You break the hold this physical reality has, as soon as you apply the simple code.
The essence of your true heart is absolute freedom, when you say these words you are summoning its completeness into your life.